The Team


Pastor Devon Frye

Pastor Devon Frye leads the508, a powerful youth and young adult ministry which exploded to several hundred students in 2015. You can find him at Connect Church in central Massachusetts. He’s a dynamic communicator and uses a tandem of passion and humor to deliver life altering messages. Devon, a Bible College graduate, and a leadership savant, is sure to touch your heart through storytelling and the Gospel message. To follow him and his story, check out @the.508 & @devonfrye



Justin Davis

Justin Davis is the current Executive Director of the508, and has been serving since January 2019. He oversees strategic planning, vision casting, and service execution. Outside of the church Justin is an industry leader in fraud prevention and anti money laundering. He has worked with both the private and public sector, including helping to consult Congress on BSA collaborative efforts.



Michael Tirpak

Michael Tirpak is 26-years old & more commonly known as ‘Bald & Beautiful’. He has been involved with the508 for 2-years now, and it has changed his life. Michael is beyond grateful to be a part of a ministry that is not only transforming lives, but that is changing the landscape of New England!



Loren DeSouza

Loren DeSouza is the YouTube and Podcast team leader for the 508 youth ministry at Connect. She oversees all filming and post production development of all of our video content. Loren is a contributing member of the creative team, showcasing her passion for photography. She has a Marketing major with a minor in Global Business from Suffolk University. Loren is passionate about photography, learning new things and travel. She hopes to one day see all seven wonders of the world (2 down 5 to go)! If you would like to follow her adventures check her out on instagram @lorendesouza.



Ruhama Noronha

Ruhama Noronha is an intricate leader in the508 ministry. She juggles many leadership hats on our team like: creative director, sisterhood group leader, apparel design, serves in Connect kids, and she’s also a member of the strategy team. She has a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business as a graduate from Framingham State University. Ru (her affectionate nickname), loves to travel the world, mentor women, and have lots of fun. Get to know her, and follow her story on instagram @ruhhh.



Emilio Bonilla

Emilio Bonilla, nicknamed “E”, co-leads the YouTube & Podcast Team for the508. He is a dynamic servant leader, a Hillsong College alumni, a leading digital marketing expert in the home improvement industry and has led in youth and young adults since 2010. He considers himself “the rookie and the vet,” representing his calling to raise, equip and empower the next generation of leaders, while always remaining a student himself. Follow him on Instagram @emilio_bonilla.


Jimmy Klimowicz

19 years old. He’s a creative, communicator, photographer, and a sports fanatic amongst other things… Known also as the notorious “HypeMan.” Is a college student studying with a focus on sports broadcasting/management. Been at the508 for over 2 years now serving. Leads the parking team for the508. Also heavily involved in the creative team and podcast team of the ministry. Has a vision to one day be in full time ministry. He has a passion to see people live right before God and well before man. If you want to keep with him and his life adventures @jimmyaklimowicz on IG.


Forrest Musselman

Forrest Musselman manages website and assists the 508 ministry with apparel and print design. He is also the CMO (Chief Meme Officer) – closely monitoring Michael Tirpak’s instagram stories at all times for fresh material. Forrest founded his creative agency Mindbrew Creative in 2015 and is a board member for Make It Rain, Inc, a nonprofit that helps provide medical clinics, vital medicines, and women’s empowerment programs in Uganda, Zambia, and other sub-saharan countries. He enjoys cooking and enjoying the outdoors with his wife Courtney and three young children.